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Invitation: 8th Almost-Free BetaCodex Workout Day in Wiesbaden (in German)

Liebe Kollegen,

ich möchte Euch einladen zu einem neuen Termin meines erfolgreichen Workshop-Formats "speziell für unter Kollegen“:


Why we cannot learn a damn thing from Semco, or Toyota

I just published a brand new article on the Haufe.de blog, entitled "Why we cannot learn a damn thing from Semco, or Toyota". You can read the article here:

My new book #Complexitools is out - for the time being, German version only!

My fifth book on the BetaCodex (formerly: the Beyond Budgeting model) has been published this month in German. First reviews have been very encoutraging!
You can take a look inside the book, titled "Komplexithoden" in German, here at the Amazon.de website: http://www.amazon.de/Komplexithoden-Clevere-Belebung-Unternehmen-Komplex...

And then, one day in the 1970s, complexity ate management for breakfast

The Organize for Complexity white paper, here:
In English: http://www.betacodex.org/node/1316
In Spanish: http://www.betacodex.org/es/node/1418
In Portuguese: http://www.betacodex.org/pt-br/node/1413
In French: http://www.betacodex.org/node/7128
In Dutch: http://www.betacodex.org/nl/node/1356

Organizational Transformation to Support Agile Adoption: The BetaCodex Network and Model (InfoQ interview)

A new interview on the Beyond Budgeting movement and the BetaCodex "model" was published on the InfoQ portal.
The text, which includes a few illustrations, gives a nice overview over the roots of Beta and Beyond Budgeting, and the advancement this movement has made over the last 15+ years.
I hope you like it!

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