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7 reasons why the Digital Transformation is overhyped - New article!

It seems like everyone is putting out some sort of theory on “Digital Transformation” these days – whether we want them or not. So much is being aired about this supposed revolution, and related phenomena such as digital business models, new work, and A.I. that I found it hard to keep watching the debate from the sidelines. So here is my take on the topic:

The Truth About Leadership Styles - new article!

This is a new, free-of-access artile published on LinkedIn Pulse, about the misunderstandings within leadership styles theory that have been around since the 1930s.
I hope this will leave you less puzzled!

Bosses vs. Leaders: Companies Need Neither. A new article!

This is a new article of mine on the feeble difference between Bosses & Leaders.
Enjoy: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/bosses-vs-leaders-companies-need-neither-...

All my articles on LinkedIn (in English & German) can be seen here:

On organization, complexity, leadership, change & learning

I put together a selection of my best tweets on the forementioned topics - and I hope you like it!

Invitation: 11th Almost-Free BetaCodex Workout Day in Wiesbaden (in German)

Liebe Kollegen,

Der 10. Fast-Umsonst-Termin war wieder sehr zügig ausgebucht und überbucht. Darum will ich bereits jetzt den nächsten Termin anbieten - im Juni!
Auch für diesen Termin gibt es bereits paar Vormerkungen.

Worum es geht: ich möchte Euch einladen zu einem neuen Termin meines erfolgreichen Workshop-Formats "speziell für unter Kollegen!“:

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