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More Heroes of Leadership

Good news! I publshed a revised version of the "Heroes of Leadership" white paper today that features 3 more heroes than the previous edition:
- Virginia Satir - The Relationship Decipherer.
- Carl Gustav Jung - The Inventor of Development.
- Gerhard Wohland - The Systems Surveyor.

New article: Now to New - How to flip your company to perpetual beta

Read my new article on LinkedIn-Pulse, on 5 key insights for change work in 2015.

New article: Stop the quackery! A robust theory of org power & leadership

I published a new article on Christmas - read it here!

New article: Decentralizing Organizations to Deal with Complexity

New article on InfoQ about my keynote at Darefest Antwerp last week.
The article includes a short interview:

Free webinar: Using Real-Time Financial Benchmarks to Drive Dynamic Decision-Making and Action

Sign up for my 1st Proformative webinar next week, here:

My slides for the webinar are online already: http://www.slideshare.net/npflaeging/realizing-the-dream-realtime-financ...

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